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Spring 2011 is the start of the sesquicentennial of America's Civil War.  There will be many special events for the next 3 years commemorating the war that kept our nation as 1 and ended slavery.

in 1862 the battles were happening throughout the north and south in our nation.  Europe was watching closely what was happening and considering levels of involvement.  If you are interested in learning what the weekly newspaper said in 1862 you maybe interested in this link to Harper's Weekly
Welcome to the 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry site! 

We are a military and civilian Civil War reenacting group based in Michigan who are committed to the preservation of our nation's history and helping to share that with our communities through various activities.  We hope you find this site supplies you with information about our group, who the 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry were and tips on how you can get involved in reenacting should it be something that has intrigued you as well. 

At any time use our contact information to ask us any questions.  We hope to have the opportunity to speak with you.  

The 2014 schedule will be posted soon! 

Look at the Resources page for a more complete list of events taking place in 2013. 

3-5th Adopt a Site; Gettysburg, PA
25-27th Civil War Muster Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI

15-16th Muster on the Maumee, Fort Meigs, Perrysburg, OH
22-23rd Blacksmiths, Soldiers & Log Cabin Weekend, Waterloo, Chelsea, MI
29-30th Blue Gray Alliance; Gettysburg, PA

4-7th Gettysburg Anniversary Committee; Gettysburg, PA
20-21st Civil War Muster, Charlton Park, Hastings, MI

2-4th  Port Sanilac
24-25th Civil War Muster, Jackson, MI

14-15th Historic Fort Wayne Civil War Days; Detroit, MI 
27-29th River of Time; Bay City, MI

5-6th Ruther B. Hayes; Fremont, OH
13th Pioneer Day; Waterloo, MI
12-13th Antietam Living History

2nd Annual Meeting and Social

If you are the host of an event and would like to invite our group email our President.
   A complete list will be on the Resources page.  

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